Sunday, October 07, 2007

Thank Gord For That

Owing to my disgraceful apathy to a snap election all along, I don't feel an awful lot is to be said today. It's all very well to see, up close, the undignified reality of a British Prime Minister so obviously trying to wangle an election his way and abandon it at the drop of a hat . But it doesn't change the fact that non-fixed term parliaments are just obviously wrong, certainly if the "decider" (to quote Mr. Bush) is in fact very much an interested party.

So essentially I have two things to say about this, neither of which are actually much to do with having a snap election or not, but about the aftermath.

1. Adam Boulton has had a rather good couple of days of it, at least from the non-Labour blogosphere. Meanwhile, Andrew Marr comes out looking decidedly fishy. Not something I really want to see. I believe in the BBC, in publically and government-independently funded newsgathering, and it really doesn't make me happy to see a great institution like the Big British Castle being regarded as soft on the establishment, and a Murdoch organ, albeit one of the better ones, being (rightly) held aloft by all and sundry as a bastion of (relative) veracity. Nothing good can come of this in the long run. Pull your socks up BBC.

2. Well done to whichever arm of the party apparatus was responsible for this video.

It's not perfect; it's a little bit overlong, leading to its becoming repetitive, and could do with a little more polish (eg. The "ten thousand men" point being backed up not by a cloned picture of the same man but of all the Labour MPs and so on who have been trawling the MSM sewing this chatter in the past month or so). Nevertheless, clearly we are well on the way to having another weapon to add to our ground-war arsenal, making the MSM's insistence on keeping us out of the air-war where at all possible increasingly irrelevant. I'd also like to say that it was nice to see the ad about the phoney Iraq troop withdrawal. More of this kind of thing, please!

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