Friday, October 05, 2007

(nonpolitical) Excitement!

I just wanted to register my general glee at the prospect of an Adam and Joe radio vehicle which I can actually listen to on an actual radio (not being a London person, I have not been able to listen to their previous efforts on Xfm, although their excellently funny podcasts made up for that a bit). You hear me, 6 Music? Make this happen as soon as possible, please.

And that's probably it from me for today, because a) I am now back in Cambridge, with a big wad of research projects to choose from which I should probably at least read, and b) I can't think of very much politics I might write about, since I don't really want to contribute to the mountain of guff about snap elections: "My dog done a funny shaped turd this morning. What does this mean for the prospects of a snap election?"

None of us really know, and you know what? It doesn't matter. If it happens, it will happen, if it doesn't, it doesn't. Whatever the principle of it, the decision currently rests with Brown, and he will do whatever it is he does. Personally, having lived through the last few weeks will serve only to make me that much more determined to see a Lib Dem government and the fixed term parliaments that would come with it. Only then can we be sure that we won't have to live through another national snap election fever like the last few weeks. Like Ming said last night on Question Time, "Nothing that has happened in the past few weeks has been in the public interest."

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