Friday, October 19, 2007

MPs Must Be Allowed To Control Their Lives Too

There have been plenty of people in the LibDem blogosphere lately saying how sad it is that there will only be two, relatively similar candidates. And they are right, it is. But I'm not sure there is much to be done about it.

If no other candidates want to put themselves forward for the position, then that is their decision, and we should respect that. Clegg and Huhne should be flattered that they are obviously perceived as such unopposable figures, but we must accept that that is the way things are. So instead of carping about what we wish was happening, can we focus on what is, please, and put the blogosphere to more contructive use?

For a start, how about getting some sort of pressure going on a policy issue? LVT anyone? I know Chris Huhne is president of ALTER, but does this mean he would do something about sorting our silly LIT policy? And can anyone tell me what Nick Clegg's position is?

Or how about pressing for Mike Smithson's idea of giving each leadership candidate a shot at PMQs?

Of course, people are free to blog about whatever they like. I just don't think that adding momentum to the John Harris angle will do anything helpful. If it does anything at all.

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