Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sides of the Argument

An interesting interview from John Harris with Nick Clegg in today's Guardian. I say interesting, but only because Nick's answers are genuinely illuminating and honest compared to the kind of soundbite he tries to offer on TV. But, as usual, the interview suffers from some silly assumptions from the interviewer. I don't think I can sum it up any better than Harris's final comment:
a new kind of Lib Dem, but a leader still in thrall to their old habit of taking contributions from both sides of the argument. You might like to think of it as the political equivalent of going Dutch.
Harris is completely unable to escape from the idea that there are two "sides", and that saying things that superficially align, in certain places, with both "sides" means you are suspicious.

While I'm here, a "B-, must do better" to dear old Kettle for this week's piece of transparently silly shit-stirring.

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ali_wood said...

There is a crazy idea, that the Liberal Democrats can't make their minds up, we switch between. That's rubbish, it's something the torries do. We can look at both side's of the argument, but we make our opinions as liberal, and then we fight for them. We stand up and don't fall back on what we've decided, because we make the right decisions.