Sunday, March 09, 2008

Clegg's Speech: Key Message for the Lib Dem Bloggers

I'm just watching Nick Clegg's leadership speech on the BBC website. Generally good stuff, and I'll post a more extensive discussion once I've finished listening. But one section really jumped out at me, and made me want to draw attention to it right now:
If it means walking out of parliament when the big parties collude against us, I say "fine". If it means boycotting banquets that celebrate our relationship with dodgy regimes like Vince Cable did, or speaking up to expose corruption like Chris Davies did, I say "quite right". And if it means risking court refusing to sign up for an identity card, I say "so be it". And you can expect more, much more of that from me.

Of course it's a high risk strategy. But I warn you, we can only make it work if we are united, and if we are disciplined. United and disciplined in the face of attacks from the establishment parties and the establishment media.
This is as relevant to the Lib Dem blogosphere, in my view, as it is to anyone else. Of course nobody should gag themselves when they feel they have a point to make about the party. But it is imperative to the success of the Lib Dems that we start to think more like a party and less like a congregation of trenchant view-holders. We need to collectively turn outwards and be united in our scorn for the other parties.

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