Friday, May 15, 2009

Question for Daniel Kawczynski MP

Daniel Kawczynski, my MP in Shrewsbury & Atcham, has posted this rather self-righteous video on the Telegraph's Right to Reply section.

Not for him the grubby business of the London property market, oh no. It's hotel stays all the way for Daniel. Not just any hotel stays, mind you, but specially negotiated-down hotel stays.

Except, here, elsewhere on the Telegraph's site, we read that fellow Tory backbencher Stephen Crabb flipped his home so that his primary residence was... half of a flat he shared with Daniel Kawczynski!
The MP then designated a room in another flat, rented by Daniel Kawczynski, a fellow Tory backbencher, as his main home.
How odd.

Daniel, why do the Telegraph think you had a flat until (at least) pretty recently, when we all know you're so keen on thrifty hotels?


Liam said...

What two MPs do in a smart hotel room is a matter for them alone :P

The whole issue of "flipping" is news to me, as it must be to so many. Never considered that it could be re-defined as a euphemism so quickly...

Frank H Little said...

But, Liam, doesn't it become a public place within the meaning of the act if they share it and we pay for it?