Monday, January 26, 2009

Global Peace & Unity: Closure?

Back in October last year, Nick Clegg attacked Policy Exchange for releasing a dodgy dossier on various speakers at the 2008 "Global Peace and Unity" event. At the time, I looked at the dossier and offered my opinion on it, but the general consensus that came out of the comments thread brouhaha on LDV was that we should reserve judgment on Nick Clegg and Simon Hughes's decision to attend the event until we could see what they had to say.

Well, that day has come, the videos of speeches at the event are here.

Nick's speech:

Simon's speech:

Currently, I'm sat in Starbucks, Virgin Media having continued to not supply me with internet access for two weeks now. Consequently, I haven't been able to actually watch the videos with the sound turned up myself yet, so I will have to reserve judgement.

Of course, the really interesting thing might also be to find the speeches of the controversial speakers to whom Nick and Simon might have been lending credibility by appearing on a common platform with them. If you can be arsed to do so, go here or here. Personally, I have more important things to do with the 18 mins of laptop battery left to me!

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