Saturday, August 30, 2008

Edinburgh Reviews: Edges

Edges is a song cycle about the slightly directionless lives of four young people trying to find themselves a life and a partner they like. The songs themselves are good, the music well written and characterful. The direction of the show was good, the lighting and sound smoothly unnoticed by most. Unfortunately, the performers in this production weren't all quite up to the standard required, particularly in their singing. One was consistently flat, another had an annoying fake vibrato that he obviously felt was "the kind of thing you need in musical theatre", another needed more control of the sheer volume of her voice, and one wasn't as bad as the others. Also, I wasn't convinced by the more gimmicky bits of the show, where video projection was used to project two brief scenes which needn't have been there at all, and a song about Facebook, which is territory that has already been well explored by other comic songs.

Not a terrible show, all in all, but the cast could have improved the show significantly by getting some singing lessons.


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