Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Back From Henley

I just got back from the (very winnable) Henley by-election, where I have been since Sunday lunchtime. Look, here are some photos to prove it:

The HQ:
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The March We Have Stolen On The Tories:
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Breakfast Yesterday Morning:
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In my time there, I did four delivery rounds of tabloids and letters, and wrote really quite a lot of addresses. Stephen Kearney, who I had a quick chat to today, is very nice, and makes a point of coming and saying "Hello" to all the volunteers if he's around, which was appreciated. Also, I met Neil, and saw Mark (but didn't get much chance to speak to him, because everyone was very busy at the time). I also met several others who do not, to my knowledge, have blogs, but who were marvellous nonetheless.

I have to say, I had a really great time: the staff at the HQ are universally welcoming and lovely, as well as being very organized and professional. I think it's especially worth going for a couple of days if you have the time; the campaign may well be able to put you up for free at a local supporter's house, and that way, your travelling-to-helping time-ratio is more favourable. Plus, you get much more of a feel of being part of the campaign, and of how it's all going. Thame, where the campaign HQ is based, is a nice place too. Highly recommended.

If I get down there again at some point, I hope to see lots of you there. It's really worth doing if you want to see us pull off a surprise victory.

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Pink Dog said...

They've got some lovely kennels for any dogs coming to help too. Woof woof.