Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Clegg was a member of CUCA?

So Guido thinks he's onto something pretty scandalous, with suggestions that Nick Clegg paid a year's subs to Cambridge University Conservative Association. Now, I don't know if he was or not, but as a current Cambridge student, I would just like to point out that CUCA has a reputation as an oddly non-political organisation that is worth being a member of even if you're not an awful Tory because it organises some pretty good dinners. I know of at least one member of CUCA at the moment who is not actually a Tory; some people join it just because they are interested in politics and would like to hang around other people who are interested in politics, and can't face the factionalised in-fighting of the student left. I wouldn't be surprised if it was much the same in Clegg's day, which was, after all, not that long ago.

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Gavin Whenman said...

Greg Hands also points out you don't need to be a Tory member to be a member of CUCA member in the original post which kicked off this story.