Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Clinton: A National Candidate?

Well, it's the day after Super Tuesday, and I feel like crap. Mostly to do with the Super Tuesday drinking game that I and a few friends concocted, and being awake until the first signs of California going Clinton came in this morning. On the plus side, my copy of The Time Meddler turned up today, and it looks bloody good (it's open in a window next to the one I'm typing this in). But enough of this tot. It occurred to me this afternoon to look for a map of US states according to which way they voted. I found one here, on the Washington Post's site. And what it shows is quite interesting.

To me, it looks like three islands of Hillary in a sea of Obama:

1. Her current seat, New York, and surrounding area.
2. Bill's old seat of Arkansas and surrounding area.
3. Areas with high hispanic populations, mainly around California, but also Florida. (New Mexico doesn't make much sense in this context, but is was pretty close).

There was some talk on Air America's generally pretty good coverage last night about Obama's campaign putting into practice what Howard Dean aspired to last time round: a 50 state strategy. Looking at that map, I can see what they mean.

If that's right, I suppose the question is, can Obama shift the hispanic vote before Texas, and more generally, are Hillary's islands big enough?

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