Thursday, January 24, 2008

You know you're in trouble when... first read something that you could genuinely describe yourself as "disgusted" at. Not just your common or garden intellectual disapproval, but a genuine visceral reaction.

Well folks, today I hit that point, thanks to this story, tucked away on EducationGuardian:
Students will be "blackmailed" into holding identity cards in order to apply for student loans, the Tories have warned.

According to Home Office documents leaked to the Conservative party last night, those applying for student loans will be forced to hold identity cards to get the funding from 2010.

Anyone aged 16 or over will be expected to obtain a card - costing up to £100 - to open a bank account or apply for a student loan.

The document says: "We should issue ID cards to young people to assist them as they open their first bank account, take out a student loan, etc."

What is it about ID cards that gives Labour such a blind spot on this? They talk about a "voluntary phase", and no compulsion without further legislation, and then they immediately start cooking up schemes like this, which to my mind can only be described as fucking despicable. As NO2ID state:
This is less a phased introduction than a clandestine one. There is to be no choice.

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James Schneider said...

Civil disobedience. We have the power to say no. What is NuLab going to do? Remember the poll tax? If they don't give me my student loan I'll go to a bank, explain the situation, explain how I'm a worthwhile investment and get a loan from them instead. I'll be able to manage it easily online and the service will infinitely improve. Much less bureaucracy to deal with.