Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Poll Numbers

OK, so I know that Polls are the last refuge of the scoundrel, etc, but I did think it was interesting today that the Guardian ICM poll shows us not only up in the straight voting intentions poll, as Paul has already pointed out, but also, we have seen a bounce in the "if Gordon Brown was in charge" question. The GU website is a bit useless, and their "full results" thing does not show these numbers, so you will have to take my word for it that we are reported to have risen two points (to 20).

In both cases, these increases are at the expense of the Tories, who have fallen three (to 40) in the "vs. Gordon" poll, and 4 (to 37) in the normal poll. Labour remain stuck on 28 with Gordon, which would seem to add weight to the argument that Labour has hit its bedrock of support and isn't likely to shift much further in the forseeable future.

All that campaigning is obviously having some effect. Keep it up folks!

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